About Us

Hemlock Youth Baseball & Softball is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that is here to help teach the fundamentals of baseball and softball to our youth. Our goals are to help the kids learn about the sport, help them to develop their athletic abilities, get them working on being physically fit, hope they gain some great friendships along the way and most importantly – have fun!!!

Getting the kids involved in baseball benefits them in so many ways:
• It teaches the rules of the game
• It teaches kids to be part of a team
• It is a great physical activity, regardless of fitness level
• It aids in developing a lifelong physical fitness lifestyle
• It is a great stress reliever – yes, even kids have stress!
• It helps to develop some great friendships

Hemlock Youth Baseball and Softball is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization.  Your donation is tax deductible.

2017 Board Members:

  • President: Sarah LaPierre 989-529-5419
  • Vice President: Jason Wenzel 989-385-1917
  • Treasurer: Mike Gensch 989-529-1180
  • Secretary: Angie Trinklein 989-928-3806


2017 Trustees:

  • Greg Gorsline 989-233-5351
  • Larry Graf 989-980-2630
  • John Hollifield 248-444-0419
  • Hilary House 989-225-7797
  • John Martinez 989-529-1328
  • Leon Zastrow 989-737-5202


Sponsorship Coordinator:  Heather Draves 989-245-9104
Concessions Coordinator: Mary Stewart
Umpire Coordinator:  Jim Lagrow 989-992-5488
Equipment Coordinator:  John Hollifield 248-444-0419